Dominion Twilight

About Killing Evil, a Family Reunion and Facing Up To The Consequences Of Your Actions

- Caverns near Nidusu, Jannaday, 26th of Zepha, 8633 (day 39) –

In the last session a shocked Fayzo was left behind to face the enemies all alone. He decides to start running away. Before doing so, he does manage to skewer two demonchildren-heads together with an arrow, killing both at once.

He however suffers greatly from a negative energy attack. It is not looking too good for Fayzo who desperately is wondering where Dave and Kai have gone.

Dave and Kai find themselves next to Elizar once more. The wizard looks incredibly exhausted and is holding a big bag that he empties in the hands of Kai. Out come 14 potions of moderate healing. With that he seems to use his last powers to teleport them back to the cave. They find themselves short however, in a tunnel somewhere. It doesn’t take long though for sounds of a fight to reach their ears, and relieved they sprint up the tunnel towards the cave.

Having been reunited with an even more relieved Fayzo, Fayzo relays what Skargul had shouted and they all realise now what it means: damage heals him and healing damages him.

Having realised this now they close quarters with the necromancer after disposing of the children with relative ease. Having gotten to striking distance of Skargul they are lucky a few times where an apparent easy strike is botched by Skargul and especially Dave can count himself lucky he is not close to death.

They start to lob healing potions to Skargul and the screams of agony confirms their theory! He is getting weaker and weaker and eventually an epic diving move from Kai results in him landing on top of Skargul and he thrusts a potion into the mouth of the necromancer. This is the killing blow and he falls to the ground, his body disappearing and leaving just his robe behind.

The heroes cheer as this fight was a hard one before they realised how to dispose of the evil creature. They now also spot the mirror at the back of the cave which is on top of some sort of altar. Giddy with anticipation of what they will find they rush up to the mirror.

Fayzo gets there first and the mirror seems to be some sort of a portal or view to somewhere else as he can look into what appears to be a room in a castle or stone building. People are walking past until one notices him. The person gestures and an Elfish man in black and red robes appears. He inquisitively peers into the mirror, has a realisation, pulls over one of the people milling around him, slits his throat and with the body, blood pouring out, dips his fingers in the blood. His hand blood stained he starts to write on the mirror. On it the following letters appear:



Having written this message his face contorts in anger and he smashes the mirror causing the picture to disappear and the mirror becoming a normal mirror yet again.
Having witnessed this horrific event happen he turns to Dave and Kai and explains his past and how he has an estranged dad who it seems, is not estranged anymore. Where this dad is or what his intentions are is not clear but that they don’t seem to be pointing to a happy ending seems clear!

They backtrack with Slosh through the caverns having asked the guide to lead them back to the graveyard entrance they entered the caverns through.

At one point Slosh directs Dave into a tunnel where he promptly gets attacked by a grey ooze taking damage in the progress. Slosh laughs and says that that should teach him to cut his tail off.

Dave immediately tries to retaliate again with his friends holding him back but Slosh has seen the writing on the wall and disappears in the dark leaving the group lost and stranded.

Kai’s natural senses however lead the group back to the entrance after he recognises a few landmarks no one else would have noticed. When they finally climb out into the sunlight a sense of relief washes over them. After all the darkness and evil they’ve witnessed it feels like they are back in the land of the living once more.

They track back to the village and go straight to Elizar and relate the story. Elizar also asks them to take care of Zinnia the Zombie Grandma. They go to the barn and dispose of her easily. The group then decides to apply make-up to make it appear she died of natural causes (yet again) instead of revealing the dark truth. They prop her up in such a way and put flowers around her so that when the relatives enter to say their goodbyes all they see is their peaceful granny rather than an undead abomination.

They then decide to recuperate in Nudisu as they are all badly beaten by the travels into the caverns. During this time Fayzo spends a lot of time with Elizar who teaches him the Admixture School of magic. This will greatly enhance his capabilities in the near future.
Once they are all well rested they decide they need to travel back to Mayfort and tell everything they witnessed here. On their way back to the C.A.R.T. they start to anxiously ponder on the fate of the vehicle as the forest diminishes as they travel forward and gives way to a burnt out landscape, the result of the fight with the needle teeth children they had.

When they arrive to the area where they think they left the C.A.R.T. it becomes quickly apparent that this has been lost in the fire as well. A massive part of the woods has been completely destroyed.

There is nothing left to do but continue on foot. As they travel they debate about what to tell Dari about what happened to the cart when they hatch a plan to procure another cart and make it look like the cart they took with them and simply say it has been broken.

On their travels they stop over again at the tavern on the road between Mayfort and Samadea. There it is very busy, much busier than normal and after asking around they find out that there are a lot of refugees from neighbouring Narfuq pouring into Ergon. They are apparently migrating from a general sense of breaking down of order in the already pretty lawless Narfuq. It seems bandits and monsters are roaming ever further into the periphery of the province.

The next morning they continue to Mayfort and once again see the town appear on the horizon. They’ve been gone for just over a week but it feels like much longer than that. Getting closer to the capital of Ergon they all start to wonder if they can pull off the swap trick with the C.A.R.T., and bluff their way out of a sticky situation.


Awesome writing again! I do have als small comment however. Although the dive made to kill of skargul was even more spectacular then described her, it was Kai making the dive and Dave that promised to make an awesome song out of it ;).

Greetings, Kai

Session 9

Great summaries of the sessions once again Roel! Always fun to read these back and remember some of the more notable parts of our misadventures.

Session 9

I stand corrected Gerben aka Kai. It was an awesome move indeed by our little druid friend. Fortunately Onno has already changed the text accordingly.

Session 9

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