Davos Thidius

Father of Fayzo Thidius, he has taken a path of dark magic.


Davos Thidius is an elven wizard that has fallen into the dark magics. He had an affair with a human peasant woman, which produced Fayzo.

Davos is the son of Therius Thidius.

GM INFO revealed in session on 24/01/2017:

Davos had been an elf who had left the sanctity of the forests behind him and was drawn to the hustle and bustle of the city and to escape the overbearing presence of his dad, an elven wizard. He continuously tried to meddle in Davos’ life and was always reminding him to walk the right path. It seemed that meant following in his father’s footsteps. Something he had no appetite for. He had liked the wizardry teaching yes, but the boring ‘protect-the-forest’ mantra of his father held no sway over him.

He wanted to get away from all this natural way of life and experience the life of the city. When he had arrived in the city with really no plan at all he was quickly seduced by the vices city life had to offer. While he still had his savings he had many friends amongst the humans in the city and he enjoyed life. He paid no attention to securing a living or getting employment as he naively believed fortune would recognise the greatness that resided in him.

However when money ran out so did his supposed friends and suddenly he found himself lonely and broke. He ended up living amongst the dregs of society, getting more and more resentful of the situation he found himself in. However he blamed the people around him for it and found no fault with himself, instead seeing only blame in other people’s actions.
Eventually he had turned so bitter he finally turned to what he was offered from birth but had rejected: magic. But instead of the right path, the only path ahead of him was a dark one.

He had encountered a shady character who said he could introduce him to a group that practiced black magic and who could teach him about dark magic. Seeing a possible way out he eagerly accepted the offer.

He was introduced to a group who were meddling In dark magic. The prospect of using magic but in the opposite way as he was taught in childhood, immediately appealed to him. It soon transpired however than other than very minor magical abilities such as predistigation and sacrifing rams to daemons who didn’t seem to answer, there was not a lot more to this group. The members consisted of the same down and outs as Davos himself and they all lacked the funds to even acquire the items needed for proper rituals.

A member of the group he had become acquainted with then told Davos in private he had made contact with a proper dark wizard. He had not told the group about it as he considered them all fools but he could sense Davos had real potential and was offering to introduce him to the wizard. They immediately set off after the next secret meeting of the group to meet the wizard. Davos was led to a house in a dank alley where the wizard resided.

However when brought to a dark room in the house he was shocked to see a horrific creature appear from the shadows. It turned out to be a Venedaemon who introduced himself as Balolorith and stated matter of factly that he was going to devour him.
Davos, no matter how bad his life had turned out, still had a talent for bluffing. Before Balororith could strike, Davos managed to have the daemon listen to his pleas and convince the creature that rather than devour his soul he better let him live as he could bring many more souls to him as he had many friends who he could sacrifice in change for his own soul.

Balolorith agreed to the deal whilst promising Davos an excruciatingly painful death should he not keep to the deal. Davos though had a plan. He contacted one by one the many friends he had had when he arrived in the city with money but who had deserted him when the money was gone. Luring them to the same house as he had been brought with false promises of a business deal of some sorts he led them to their death, Balolorith devouring their souls.

Davos’ finally having an outlet for all the anger that had been pent up resulted in so many victims for Balolorith that he could not help but to respect the obvious very fierce hatred that resided in this strange elf. Rather than fear the deamon this elf seemed to actually enjoy leading his friends to their slaughter and he talked to the daemon as if he was just an ordinary creature rather than the vile aborration he really was.
This was because for Davos he had finally seen a way out of the luckless and loveless life he had always lived. For him the evil deeds, rather than digust him, empowered him and made him feel stronger than ever before.

Davos came to be convinced that his destiny lay with evil and with daemons. He had nothing but disregard and hatred for his world and longed to be with daemons and even fantasised about becoming one of them.

Sensing the hatred and ambition of Davos, Balolorith, who had the plan to eventually also devour the soul of the Davos once he had grown bored of the elf, now found himself being intrigued by the dark elf. And as Davos was still very eagerly supplying fresh victims every week he saw no reason to end their deal.

Davos meanwhile had realised that having a daemon as ally is a powerful ally to have. He had gotten the idea to enrich himself by picking rich people as victims. Using his uncanny ability for bluffing and influencing people he would lure a rich trader or banker into his daemon trap.
Once the person was in the same room as the vile daemon it was very easy to convince them to sign any papers Davos had prepared in advance which made the transfer of the victim’s assets official in order to save his life. Balolorith would enjoy watching the poor human try to hold on to his feeble life and the extended period of utter fear emaninating from his victims only made devouring them more enjoyable.
Davos was always careful to pick people who had few family relations or who were reasonably wealthy but not as wealthy to be universally known for being wealthy. He had time on his side and the preparation for the hand-over of assets and wealth took time. Over the years there were only a small number upstanding members of society amongst the usual list of stragglers and down-and-outs he would feed to the daemon.

This way however he managed to enrich himself and he now had a sizable gold reserve as well as a number of properties throughout the city. This only added to the sense of his empowerment he felt around the daemon. This time however he was not spending his money on the vices he had once fallen for. He was strong now and he once again believed he was destined for greater things.

It was then that his hunger for magical knowledge fully rekindled again. He thought with disgust back to the time he had attended the group of rejects who pretended to practice black magic. He didn’t want something like that again.

No, this time Davos had the financial means and the space to really set up a proper place where he could devote himself to dark magic. He also recognised instantly that just by himself he was limited in his capacity to further his magical abilties and in his scope of what he wanted to achieve. He needed competent people by his side. Or daemons.

At was then that he came to see his deal with Balolorith as not useful anymore and in fact a burden on his time and resources as he had to continue to supply new victims for the daemon.

It was time he decided he moved up and replaced Balolorith with a larger daemon who could help him instead of keeping him back.
It was then he got the idea to start a cult dedicated to a bigger daemon. He could recruit people into his cult and have them collect, purchase or steal items and knowledge for him. He could then study in his spare time without alerting Balolorith to what he was planning to do.
He set about carefully selecting and contacting people who he thought might be suitable for the cult. This way he enlisted a half-orc and a human who he felt he could trust. He had them travel to other cities throughout the empire to visit magic shops and see if they could get their hands on illicit magical material.

This was the start of his library on all matters related to dark magic and evil. It was amazing that once you had a few contacts getting more items and books was not that hard. It seeemed there was a thriving black market of things related to black magic!

He first needed to pick a demon that would suit his purpose. He had decided that he wanted to focus on necromancy. Using the creatures he had come to hate so much and turn them into zombies and have them at his command immediately appealed to him.

He therefore came across Orcus, demon lord of the undead but also associated with wrath. He knew his cult would be focused on this daemon. In his studies he had also come across the legend of the country of Geb, the country of undead lead by a necromancer. He then knew what his cult would be dedicated to and what it would set out to achieve. He would found a country ruled by the living with the undead serving as slaves. The undead would of course be created by slaughtering those living around him. The ultimate revenge had been plotted.
Now he had deciced what the cult’s goal would be it was time to really start the cult properly. He had his two helpers visit the slums and spread the message there was a place of redemption for rejects and for those out for revenge on their situation.

This way he had organised the first meeting of his cult. He had a large warehouse which he had picked as meeting place. During the first meeting he gave everyone a red robe they would wear during meetings. He donned a black robe himself which he had handmade with ancient runes woven in red into the fabric. When he wore it he had a menacing presence about it, of mystical evil power.

At the first meet up of the cult he spread his gospel of evil and revenge and found a willing crowd, ready to follow. As he stood there at the head of the small group of cultists a feeling surged up in him. The feeling that he was finally on the path to his destiny! Over the next few months the cult grew exponationally in size until he commanded a cult with hundreds of members. The problem was that it was growing too big. A cult this size meant he would be uncovered sooner rather than later. He had to relocate and quick.

This also meant that he had to deal with Balolorith. Had he first seen the daemon as an ally, now he is was an obstacle to his destiny.
By now he had become quite a compentent wizard and had uncovered a spell called Plane Shift in one of his books he had collected. With it he could send a creature to another plane. It was time he decided that Balolorith was sent home.

He carefully crafted the two-forked rod that was needed to cast the spell. Once he had created it he tried it first on one of his cultists after he had invited the unlucky one into his private quarters.

He cast the spell and touched the man and he was suddenly gone! Of course he could not confirm where the man had ended up but that he was gone was a fact.

He now waited for the right moment to cast the spell on the venedaemon. It came a few days after when he had brought another victim to Balolorith. At the moment the daemon started to devour his victim’s soul he pulled out the rod and started casting the Plane Shift spell. It just took enough time to see the daemon look up surprised at the elf wizard. He then reached out and touched the venedaemon and just like that he was gone. However just before the daemon vanished he luched with his claws catching Davos in his chest. Wounded he fell back but after all this time being bound to servitude he was now free. Free to fulfill his destiny!

Over the next few months he had his cultists scout for a territory where he could begin his dream to recreate Geb in earnest. After considering several terroritories he eventually settled on a stretch of mounteanous land sparsly populated by Orcs. It was on the far south of the known lands.

Having picked his destination he then began preparing for his departure, selling of his assets over a period of time. Having turned all that he owned into gold he then procured enough bags of holding to store the gold in while traveling.

He was now finally leave the city behind that eventually had served him so well. He organised all willing cult members to leave in smaller groups over the space of a week. They then all met up outside the city and traveled in a large caravan to their destination.

Having arrived he picked a spot in the mountain where he was removed from all civilisation and where he could really start to develop and practice his necromancy skills in earnest.

Davos Thidius

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