Dominion Twilight

Undeadly Problems

– Forest south of Krogh Rise, Selday, 24th of Zepha, 8633 (day 37), early evening –

Kai looks down in horror at what was a small child but now turned into some sort of demon spawn. He tries to shake free but fails. The child aberration tries in turn to attack him but fails as well to get a good grip of his former protector. Dave then shows what he thinks of it all by slicing and dicing the child-like aberration, his small twisted body falling apart in two gory pieces.

What then ensues is a frantic move up the path away from the children. To prevent the children from approaching too fast Kai casts a Plant Growth spell which instantly brings up a thick undergrowth restricting movement quite heavily but he leaves the path free of this spell’s effects. He then subsequently casts an Entangle spell that restricts movement of creatures, and this time all creatures are affected, even the adventurers. Fayzo gives a telling glance over to Kai surely remembering his ‘helpful’ sleeth storm in Samadea.
The children however are prevented from closing the gap and the adventures try to retreat to the path outside the Entangle spell’s effect (fourty yards).

Dave and Faizo both attempt ranged attacks with the sling and crossbow. Dave manages to kill one while Fayzo, hampered by being entangled, manages to again hit nothing but the air. Kai casts a fireball but he has no more luck than Fayzo and hits nothing but the undergrowth and trees behind the children starting a small fire much to his own disgust at nature being harmed.

In the meantime Fayzo manages to accidently hit a child behind the one he was aiming for killing it instantly. He then quickly casts Arrow Eruption spell which causes the arrow lodged into the forehead of the dead child to light up and duplicate four times, rise up and with a thud slam into the foreheads of four surrounding children. They however don’t cause enough damage for an instant kill and the children awkwardly stumble forward with arrows lodged into their foreheads.

Meanwhile Kai, overcome by guilt, has chosen to summon water onto the starting forest fire. It turns out to be futile as right after Fayzo blasts a massive cone of fire killing children but also instantaneously starting an even bigger fire that rapidly spreads.

Having escaped the area of the Entangle effect now the adventurers quickly become more lethal with their attacks. In a combination of fire, magic missile and good old sword swinging they manage to kill all but four of the fourteen demonic children.

Fayzo however has dealt the most damage and is the first the four children attack after having tried to attack the far larger Dave beforehand. Overcome with evil rage they successfully launch themselves at the thin frame and manage to almost kill Fayzo with their horrifying teeth. Fortunately for Fayzo they don’t manage to grapple him and he hastily retreats as far as he can run.

Kai and Dave then step in to finish the last of the aberrations off and the threat has been dealt with. Dave immediately find the mangled corpse of the child that got them into this mess and takes the head and stores it into the bag of holding. Kai and Fayzo seem disgusted but also not confident to stand up the barbarian.

Attention quickly turns to the heavily wounded Fayzo and Kai is quick to give one of the powerful concoctions he brewed up in Mayfort. Along with a potion Fayzo himself has he quickly regains health and they are able to quickly depart the scene leaving behind them a forest that is being engulfed in flames.

They walk as far the disappearing daylight allows them and then make a camp for the night. Despites their trepidations nothing happens during the night and they sleep well into the late morning waking up refreshed and ready for a new day.

– Forest south of Krogh Rise, Suneday, 25th of Zepha, 8633 (day 38), late morning –

There are no further encounters that day and when the forest gives way to more hilly terrain and see houses further up the hill they know they must have reached Nidusu.
It seems to be a small village that lies at the foot of the mountain Krogh Rise. It is surrounded on three sides by hilly ground leading up the mountain. The area behind the village continues to slope gently upwards from here while on the sides there is hilly terrain but it is very steep and goes over into rock formations. The village is therefore located in a sort of pass. The ground the village is built on is a mixture of rocky formations and arable land.

They approach a young dwarven boy (with a full beard!) and ask him where the leader can be found. He mumbles to go to the second last house on the left. Having seeked out the house of the apparent leader they knock on and an elderly man opens up and recognising the badges of the Ministry of Justice they are welcomed into a very simple stone house.
Kai and Faizo gladly accept a cup of some sort of tea while Dave’s initial joy at being offered a drink disappears when he realises it’s not alcoholic.

The man introduces himself as Elizar and he is the de facto leader of the village although it seems this is more of an unofficial title than a real noble position. He is very courteous and speaks much more eloquent than you would expect from a man who lives in a remote mountain village.

After some back and forth questions and the adventurers relaying the story of the attack of the children, with Dave helpfully brandishing the decapitated head of the child, Elizar seems very concerned and even more eager to bring them up to speed.

He explains what happened in the village over two weeks ago when a woman who had been buried two days before came walking into the village. She was instantly recognisable as the deceased woman but had red eyes, her skin had turned a greyish colour and she spoke a language that no one understood.

He also hints at a past he is unwilling to divulge on when he says he thinks he recognises the old revived woman as an undead creature. However the villagers, and especially the family ofthe grandma, are unwilling to accept this and hope that she can be cured and brought back to life. He therefore felt he was unable to do what had to be done, i.e. put the woman out of her misery, and they reached a compromise by locking her into a small barn and wait for officials to arrive.

He suggested that the party should get rid of the woman in a quiet way while he would make up a story to the villagers of the woman having being taken elsewhere.
The party makes it way to the barn and quietly try to open the door however the woman is stirred into action, her red eyes glowing menacingly. While Dave keeps her at arm’s length Fayzo realises he can understand the language she is speaking, it’s Draconic. She mutters something about having to obey, return and complete her task. Fayzo tries to talk to her but all he can extract from her is that she obeys the master, whoever that may be.

A discussion ensues about what to do with the woman and what to do next. They agree that they will not kill the woman as Elizar has requested and just leave her in the barn while they will investigate the graveyard.

They fetch the dwarven child, called Obok, and he leads them silently up the hillside on the right. After a trek upwards of a few hundred meters they arrive at a ledge with nine very simple graves lining the edge and a further four more on a second row. Obok points at the innermost grave and then makes off back to the village.

Kai notices that the sand is slightly sloping in the middle perhaps indicating that there is a space below. Dave enthusiastically grabs his spade and starts digging, seemingly not perturbed by desecrating the grave.
However when he is only just started all the earth falls down into a gaping hole at where the grave used to be into an apparent tunnel. While Kai and Faizo are discussing what to do now, Dave is already jumping into the hole feet first.

The hole is not that as Dave had already seen and he finds himself in a tunnel that has obviously been dug out of the earth they are now in. The others follow and they notice that the tunnel continues behind them to the other graves that are also dug out from below. They realise they are unto something bigger now and eagerly progress into the tunnel, Dave leading the way.

At the end of the tunnel they can either go left or right. Exiting he tunnel dug out into the earth they now see they have entered what appears to be a natural cave tunnel system. Looking left, the tunnel continues with a tunnel branching off to the left. Looking right they see the tunnel splitting in two branches.

They decide to go left and immediately take the left turn which ends in small circular cave. Here Kai noticing two glistening patches on the floor. Giddy with excitement he throws all caution into the proverbial wind and rushes to the spots hoping they will reveal treasure.

He gets the shock off his life literally when the patch transforms into an ooze like tentacle which slams him hard and then grabs him around the waist getting significantly wounded in the process, especially by the acid that seems to be covering the thing.

Dave and Fayzo rush to help and both deal significant damage to the thing, however it is not killed. Fayzo takes acid damage from the touch attack and Dave’s sword seems badly affected by the acid.

Kai manages to break the grab and runs away to safety. Dave then hits the thing again and it falls into a oozy puddle on the cavern floor. They then also notice the second glistening patch is slowly sliding across the floor towards them…

Our heroes:
Dave Dunker – Level 4 Half-Orc Barbarian.
Kai Kibbfrenn – Level 4 Gnome Druid.
Fayzo Thidius – Level 4 Half-Elf Wizard.



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