These lands have existed for thousands and thousands of years. Its vastness is almost beyond human comprehension. They say one would take a life time to travel from one side to the other.

Legend speaks of times where gods themselves roamed the earth and did battle with each other and where magic was as common as the sand in a desert. Eventually they departed to other planes of existence and created the races to do their bidding for them. They populated these lands and made them their own. Driven by the hatred, jealousy and ambition of the gods themselves they did battle with each other.

Over time however, as the races evolved and grew in numbers, the influence of the gods waned and clerics, priests and wizards, evil or good, became the conduit for the gods. Also earthly ambition became more and more a prime motivator of wars as tribes of one or another race became powerful over time and sought dominion over others.

Since earthly creatures started recording history, first on stone and then in scrolls and books, five dynasties had come and gone. These dynasties were able to unite, coerce or conquer most of these vast lands. 300 years ago the sixth dynasty, the human dynasty of Erias, rose.

Eight generations had past when the last emperor Katib died unexpectedly. Leaving behind four sons but no named successor, conflict between the brothers broke out. A compromise was reached and the Erias Dominion was divided into four parts, each one ruled by one of the sons. However none of the sons possessed the administrative skills usually associated with rulers from the Erias dynasty and soon their authority was openly challenged.

The decay started in the outer regions. With no strong central authority those regions became more and more autonomous and over time became de facto independent. Some were challenged but with the Erias dynasty divided and always more famed for their administrative rather than military skill, were at best successful in delaying the inevitable.

The dominion of Erias was slowly decaying and falling in on itself. These vasts lands were once again returning to their origin, with eternal competition, strive and wars…

Dominion Twilight

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