The Raging Few

The Raging Few was a popular band in the ‘black Iron’ genre. The group was founded by the wizard Thodius Willowbred, who played the solo flute. The Barbarian Half-Orc Dave Dunker was his apprentice and the second member of the group, playing the lute. The third member was a dwarf drummer named Thalin, from the dwarven mines to the north. A Halfling bard named Kyhn was the final member and played the lead lute.

The band was very successful with songs like ‘November Reign’, ‘I can’t get no standard-action’ and ‘Baby crit me one more time’. Their name is well known, but at the peak of their success, the group split up. Internal struggles and excessive alcohol usage led to numerous fights within the group and even with it’s audience. Of the first two members (Thodius and Dave) little is known thereafter. After the split-up Thalin and Kyhn had some success with the shock-rock project ‘Mr. Skeleton and the Undead Boners’, but have now returned to their old jobs as miner and merchant.

An old poster of the group in it’s prime:


The Raging Few

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