The Abandoned Farm

The Abandoned Farm is located halfway between the Abadar Shrine and Thuria.
It features the long-abandoned decaying remnants of a farmhouse.

The actual farmhouse is not much more than a building’s skeleton at this point, overrun with weeds. The farm’s barn is still relatively intact. The complex also features a water-well in the middle.

The Abandoned Farm was the meeting place for the regular meetings between The Raiders and The Citadel Soldiers as described on the note detailing the meetings found during Session 2.

In Session 3 the party pretended to be the Raiders and met some of The Citadel Soldiers at this location.

At night there are wolves active in the area.

It is believed the farm was abandoned because of weird occurrences happening in the area due to the evil forces overtaking Thuria.

The Abandoned Farm

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