Monday Selday Named after Selune, Goddess of the Moon, Monday
Tuesday Tyrday Named for Tyr, God of Justice
Wednesday Jannaday Named for Jannath, Goddess of Agriculture
Thursday Keleday For Kelemvor, God of Death
Friday Mystraday For Mystra, Goddess of Magic
Saturday Istiday For Istishia, God of Elemental Water and Purification
Sunday Suneday For Sune, Goddess of Beauty


January Gagar
February Hazadk
March Ikhael
April Maha
May Peniel
June Maniyah
July Zepha
August Hamsur
September Reuliah
October Jaden
November Cynhelle
December Windida


Winter Frostmoot
Spring Rainmoot
Summer Highsun
Autum Redfall

A season starts on the first day of the month.


Each month consists of 30 days, a year being 360 days. The year now is 8633 but no one is quite sure this is even remotely historically correct.

The Moon

There is one moon named after the God of moon, Tsukiyo. It has a cycle of 30 days.

Start date campaign

The start date of the campaign is the night of Suneday 18 Maniyah 8633 (Sunday 18th June 8633).


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