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  • Fayzo Thidius

    The product of a short affair between a wizard elf and a young human peasant woman, [[:fayzo_thidius | Fayzo]] never knew his father. He spent the first 23 years of his life in his hometown of [[Milturn Keep | Milturn Keep]], where he earned a living …

  • Therius Thidius

    Gave [[:fayzo_thidius | Fayzo]] his Spellbook and the [[Fayzo Thidius' Evolon | Masterwork Glaive "Evolon"]]. Invested in stopping [[:davos_thidius | Davos Thidius]]' plans by helping [[:fayzo_thidius | Fayzo]] realize his potential.

  • Davos Thidius

    Davos Thidius is an elven wizard that has fallen into the dark magics. He had an affair with a human peasant woman, which produced [[:fayzo_thidius | Fayzo]]. Davos is the son of [[:therius_thidius | Therius Thidius]]. *GM INFO revealed in session …

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