Turach Lorenu

Trader in Erech, friends with Walda.


Last known location: Erech.


Turach is a jovial, portly rich tradesman from Erech.
He makes his living as a middleman, shipping wares into Erech by sea, and selling it to traders further inland.

He has a lot of connections and likes to keep his ear on the ground with regards to the current goings-on in Darandis.

The party was introduced to Turach by Walda, a close friend of Turach, after the party saved Walda from a Gnoll attack.

Turach lives in a giant villa with a lavish garden in the richest part of Erech.

He tasked the party with investigating the raid on Ivona, which ultimately led the party to uncover a conspiracy theathening to overthrow power in Erech and the whole of Darandis.

Turach Lorenu

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