Thalin Hellhammer

Drummer of the Raging Few. Currently working for Dwarving Mining Co.


Coming from a small town Thalin used to make drums out of tree trunks and branches. Working in the mines from a very young age, his arm strength was impressive, as well as his musical skills.

Whilst drumming on his own, deep in the forest, Thalin discovered that with the sheer power of his rhythmic hits, bodies of small animals would synchronize to his rhythmic drumming. Perfecting the technique he discovered that this also worked with larger creatures, and even humanoids.

There are rumors that Thalin used this power for evil until he met the wizard Thodius. Allegedly the wizard convinced Thalin to use this power to do good; to move peoples hearts, not their bodies. Together with Dave Dunker and the Halfling lute player, they formed the Raging Few.

After numerous hit songs and a successful tour, the group began to fall apart due to internal struggles. It is said that Dave Dunker and Thalin Hellhammer fought on numerous occasions what led Thodius to decide the band should quit.

After the band split-up Thalin and with the Halfling Kyhn started their shock-rock group Mr. Skeleton and the Undead Boners. The group was forbidden by the Union of Clerics and Thalin returned to te mines to work as a miner once again. Thalin’s drumming continues with the rhythmic hitting of his pickaxe. In a quiet night it is said that one can hear his working, or drumming, deep down in the mines. Fueled by the fury against Dave Dunker, who destroyed his success, he often mines days on end.


Thalin Hellhammer

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