Keyn Kleyn

Lead lute player of the Raging Few. Halfling bard.


Keyn Kleyn the Halfling comes from a wealthy family of merchants. Being little threat to other races the Halflings were welcomed by all and able to trade among all folk of the world. This led them to build a powerful and rich business whose influence often was underestimated.

Keyn did care little for the trade business. When he came across a lute player in yet another foreign city his dad had to go to for business, he knew what he wanted. The lute however, was an expensive instrument to buy and his parents were too ‘good with money’ to buy it for him. Keyn was enchanted and decided to take the money his parents hid in an old closed and buy the lute.

Of course his parents found out about his stealing, but were willing to forgive the boy. Return the lute and the money and all would be well. Keyn refused and after an heavy fight, decided to leave the family life and the family business.

He began performing for money but no-one in the streets would look at him, let alone give him their money. One day a wizard walked by and stopped to listen to the Halflings playing. He offered him his help and took the boy in as his own. The wizard, named Thodius Willowbred, gave Keyn the best musical training anyone could have and made him the lute virtuoso everyone knows him for.

Together they formed a band, the Raging Few. After numerous hit songs and a successful tour, the group began to fall apart due to internal struggles. It is said that Dave Dunker and Thalin Hellhammer fought on numerous occasions what led Thodius to decide the band should quit. It devastated Keyn, who was, without the help of Thodius, forced to return to his parents. They were of little understanding and gave him the most boring job the family business had to offer; accounting.

As the family accountant Keyn performed on average and tried to do the sheer minimum. He seemed depressed for a long time but recently something had changed. The lights in his house were often on during the night, and the bard was full of energy during the day. He was clearly up to something that wasn’t accounting, but what was it…


Keyn Kleyn

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