Dominion Twilight

Moral Conundrums

- Mayfort, Selday, Tyrday 11th – Selday 18th of Zepha, 8633 (day 24-30), early evening -

Having travelled for two weeks and being confined to a small ship for two weeks, our adventurers decided to take a week out. They split up and enjoy the first time they can really relax for almost a month (travelling by boat for two weeks is not exciting but nor is it relaxing). It has after all been quite an eventful time since meeting up together!

Fayzo spends time exploring Mayfort and getting to know all the nooks and crannies as well as any valuable gossip that might be floating around.

Kai retreats to nature and brews up all kinds of potions as well as trying to teach Leng more tricks, however he is once again unsuccessful in trying to dampen the fierce free spririt of Leng.

Dave hangs around aimlessy and one night agrees to come with Fayzo to the Warrior and Pipe pub so Fayzo can perhaps engineer a chance meeting with Luthien, the half-elf cook from the boat. Luthien is not to be seen however so Dave starts to play his lute. Much again to Fayzo’s obvious surprise people in the pub look up surprisingly, not sure what to make of this Barbarian Bard with his broken lute. However when he starts to play his second tune everyone in the pub is paying attention. They all cheer Dave on and seem well impressed. Dave is however not fazed at all by this and immediately tries to use the situation to his advantage by going around with the bag of holding. Only a few people throw coins in but one guy in particular seems to offer quite a few coins. After Dave is finished he comes forward and introduces himself as Elysian Nero, a sponsor of local musicians. He seems eager to take Dave under his wing and support him in becoming a more well known musician. He especially seems impressed by the unusual style of lute play. Dave is somewhat hesitant, but agrees to stay in touch whenever he returns to Mayfort. With the day coming to an end, Fayzo and Dave call it a night and head back to the castle.

Mayfort, Selday, 18th of Zepha, 8633 (day 31), morning –

The next morning they meet up with the king once more to offer their services and also to ask the King about the promised support for their own personal goals. The King explains that his mission is a very important one and that he needs to be sure that he can fully trust people around him to spread and support his gospel of urbanisation. He therefore asks them to fulfull a task for him to prove their mettle.

He asks them to contact Suaul Prius, the Minister of Urbanisation. They are being escorted there by Ardaan Malloy, the King’s son and also Grand Vizier of Ergon. He is about 29 years old. He wears a large dark cape with matching clothing underneath with a sword on the hip and really big fancy belt around his waist. He has a very neatly trimmed beard and curly hair at shoulder length. He comes across to the adventurers as arrogant and pompous.

He leads them into a room where Suaul awaits. He greets them and then also calls Darius, minister of Justice, into the room. They explain that due to a rebellion in the North West of Ergon there are short of troops that are normally stationed in the villages. Therefore there are some issues that require attention but haven’t gotten any.

The most pressing issue is a case of corruption that has been uncovered in the village of Samadea. The local administrator for Urbanisation there, Kimo Tatwyn, seems to have lined his pockets by overtaxing the local people. King Malloy, upon hearing this, was furious as he sees anyone who tarnisheh his urbanisation programma as an enemy of the state. The punishment therefore is very clear: death by beheading. This has to be done on the town square with the whole village being present.

The adventurers are tasked with traveling to Samadea and passing the sentence there. To give them the appropriate authority they receive badges that, when worn, give them authority to carry out orders on behalve of the King. People will also recognise the badge and the authority that comes with it. After a quick discussion the adventurers decide to accept the mission but promise themselves that they will first make sure that Kimo is really corrupt before beheading him.

When being shown where Samadea is they also realise that Ergon is quite a bit bigger than Darandis. To get to Samadea would require many days of walking. However when discussing this Suaul buts in and tells them to go down to the Minister of R&D, Dari Xarot.

Fayzo, anticipating some sort of magical invention being presented, rushes excitingly ahead. They meet up with Dari. Dari has a noble stamp on his features— dark hair, blue piercing eyes, and a hawkish nose. His features are aristocratic and he seems to be in good shape for a man in his thirties. He seemed almost giddy with excitement when he meets the adventurers.

He also introduces you to R&D Wizardry Assistant Coryn Warron. Coryn is not beautiful but to call her ugly would be unfair on her. She is tall with flowing blond hair. She seems to be in her midthirties but appears older as Dari. She expresses how happy she is to be working here with Dari. When she says this a sideway glance of almost exasperation from Dari can be seen.

After the introductions Dari proudly shows what appears to be a regular cart. However he explains, his voice trembling with excitement, that his cart can be powered with magic. Once magic is infused in the box at the back the cart will travel forward for two hours. A stick in the front acts as a makeshift steering wheel. There is only one problem: it does not have a break as he has not found a way to neutralise the magic once infused into the cart. Another limitation is that it can only be used on paved roads.

He also gives them a bag of gold coins that is from the personal treasury of the King. In case of accidents the afflicted party should be compensated. 20gp for an injury and 100gp for a deadly collision. Dari explains that King Malloy knows that with every step taken that leads to progress there will be unfortunate casualties. But if that is the price of progress the King is willing to pay that price.

Once outside the adventurers decide to name the vehicle C.A.R.T. (Completely Awesome Riding Transport). They can’t wait to get going and immediately set out for Samadea. At the speed of approximate 18 km per hour they speed over the paved road leading to the west of Ergon. On the route there they occasionally use Dave as a sort of mist horn by having him shout at travellers who are in danger of being overrun by the C.A.R.T.

Dave’s impressive vocal talents suffice however and they arrive outside Samadea unharmed and without incident. The travel has taken two days and in between have slept in a roadside tavern called the Blue Axe.

Outside Samadea they try to come up with a strategy to come up to enter Samadea unnoticed but the plan they hatch, put Leng in front of the cart and roll into town, miserably fails and everyone notices the strange group arriving in the village. Fortunately it is evening and not many people are on the street.

The first thing they notice is the planned nature of the town. The roads are all straight and form blocks of housing. The more you get to the center the more organized it becomes.
The middle of the village has a square where the administrative offices are located as well as the barracks. This is where Kimo’s house can be found.

They decide however to first find evidence for the alleged crimes that he has been charged with. The idea is to go to a pub and ask a reasonably drunk person for his opinion. They quickly come across a pub called the Sage and Flagon. One person sits in the corner and he seems reasonably drunk. They group buys him a drink but quickly take it away again once they realise how drunk he is.

He still seems able to answer questions however and they ask in a not-so-roundabout way what he thinks of Kimo. It quickly becomes clear he hates Kimo for all the money he has extracted from the local populace. On top of that the guy offers that Kimo is also an ‘aaarrshhhhhole’.

This final statement seems to take away the remaining doubt the group has and the mission to behead Kimo is on! They discuss amongst themselves how to approach this and come to an ingenious plan: Fayzo and Kai will act as guards for a loosely bound Dave. They will then knock on the door of Kimo and pretend they are soldiers who have captured a criminal. Dave will then break loose and capture Kimo.

Having made the plan they don’t waste any time. They easily identify Kimo’s house, the biggest one on the square. Having knocked on they wait eagerly for the door to open. Once it does however they are thrown off guard by a woman opening it and not Kimo. It turns out to be Kimo’s wife who asks them what they want. They ask to urgently speak to her husband.

She closes the door and they hear some mumbling inside. After a minute a man opens the door, who angrily demands to know what they are bothering him with at this late hour. Taken aback by the ferocity of the outburst they sheepishly explain their situation. He shouts at them to put the prisoner in the barracks and that they also should find a sleeping place there. With that he slams the door shut in their faces.

The heroes realise that their plan might need another approach and decided to retire for the night in the barracks and deal with Kimo the next day.

Samadea, Jannaday, 19th of Zepha, 8633 (day 32), morning –

The adventurers wake up in the barracks and hear already the bustling activity of a town square. Dave idly starts playing his lute while they think of what to do next.

Suddenly Kimo walks into the doorway completely surprising the group. He sees Dave untied and demands to know why the prisoner is unbound and apparently at ease with his captors. Sensing that that any attempt at subterfuge is now lost Dave springs into action. He uses his boots of transportation to instantly appear behind Kimo and grab him.

Fayzo meanwhile walks out of the doorway to check for incoming trouble. And trouble there is. When he looks left he sees six scruffy fighters standing in a group, four melee fighters and two archers. Immediately recognising the danger Fayzo uses his magical abilities to breath a massive cone of fire in the direction of the bandits. All hair seared of their bodies and burned greatly the bandits are not deterred however and launch strikes at Dave and Faizo. Dave especially gets hit hard as he his with his back towards the action and unable to defend himself as he is holding Kimo.

Enraged by the sudden attacks Dave takes his sword and skewers Kimo onto it after which he bites Kimo in his neck. Fayzo and Kai are understandably shocked by this barbaric violence.

Fayzo has by now retreated into the barracks and is planning to spew more fire onto the bandits. However before he can do this Kai tries to help his comrades out by calling upon nature to create a circling storm of sleeth around the barracks building. Suddenly our heroes cannot see outward anymore but nor can the bandits peek in, especially important considering the archers lurking outside.

However they are now stuck inside the barracks, unsure of how the bandits are faring outside. Faizo takes moment to consider who he will heal and moving to Kimo, only Dave’s desperate pleas convince him otherwise and reluctantly he injects some healing energy into the battered body.

It soon appears the bandits are desperately trying to escape the frozen winds and icy sleeth as they one by one appear in the doorway where they are easy pickings for the adventurers. Sensing the end of the fight at hand Fayzo uses his magic to relay a message via a booming voice outside the area affected by the sleeth and calls for all villagers to gather in the square.

Dave meanwhile, slightly recovered starts a little sprint to the doorway, uses the icy floor to glide into the sleeth storm and takes a wild swing with his sword whilst gliding over the ice. The gods favour the barbarian and Dave feels the sword slicing through the body of the last remaining melee fighter.

By now the storm subsides and the adventurers discover the archers have fled the scene, wisely so it would seem judging at the remains of what used to be tough fighters just minutes before.

More than half the village has gathered on the square and our heroes don’t waste the opportunity pass the sentence. Announcing the crimes Kimo has been found guilty of corruption Dave prepares for the serious task at hand and covers his head with the bag of holding. Remembering where the barely alive body of Kimo is he swings violently with his sword, the head coming off in one big blow. Just before he his beheaded Kimo can be heard whispering: “I should’ve been minister of economy”. Perhaps the ramblings of a dying man or perhaps a hint at the motive of his rampant corrupt activities.

Most of the people watching on erupt in cheers and applause. Dave doesn’t hesitate and picks up the head of Kimo and puts it in the bag of holding before Fayzo and Kai can intervene. They decide to leave the scene and return to the C.A.R.T. and make for Mayfort to not waste any more time in this village.

Outside the village Fayzo and Kai ask Dave to take the head out of the bag and bury it which he does, but he doesn’t appear happy about giving his prized head up.

Then they make haste and travel an uneventful journey back to Mayfort. Here they report back to Suaul on their successful mission.

He immediately offers another mission to them, this time promising monetary reward for this, 5000 gp each. Greedily the adventurers agree.

He explains that in the small mining village of Nidusu a strange occurrence has been reported. Allegedly a grandma that was buried has walked back into the village, alive! Suaul can’t hide his incredulity at this story but he admits it still needs to be investigated.

Mayfort, Suneday & Selday 23th and 24rd of Zepha, 8633 (day 36 – 37), morning –

The adventurers decide to not waste any time and to make immediately for the small village. Faizo especially seems to be almost excited by the prospect of what he hopes to find here (undead creatures).

Nidusu lies at the foot of the massive mountain Krogh Rise, that lies in the middle of Ergon. This mountain is surrounded by first hills and then big forests. Because of this they can only travel for one day in the C.A.R.T. and they will have to leave it at the edge of the forest. They hide the C.A.R.T. by covering it in the bushes and Fayzo leaves a magical mark on a nearby tree to enable them to find the C.A.R.T back upon return.

They venture into the dense forests over a small path that leads them further and further into the woods. Krogh Rise towers in the far distance. Having made good progress they suddenly hear a childlike sobbing sound. Around a bend they discover a small boy who is crying inconsolably. When he sees the party the boy curls up into a fetal position, seemingly scared by the sudden appearance of the band of adventurers.

Kai immediately consoles the boy and tries to put him at ease. The boy explains that he had went for a walk outside the village to find honey but he is now lost and has no idea how to return. It is obvious the boy is scared however Fayzo doesn’t immediately trust the situation. So while Kai takes the hand of the child and starts walking up the path Fayzo secretly does a Detect Magic spell. He however doesn’t get anything back from his magical command. Grudgingly he bemoans the fact they have become babysitters now.

After walking for a long time and the boy constantly chattering to them and asking all sorts of questions about their gear and battles they had they notice dusk is setting in. Kai also notices now that the forest has gone silent, devoid of any natural sound. Concerned he urges the group to come to a halt. He offers to scout ahead but the boy is unwilling to let go of his protector and Kai therefore asks the group to wait for half an hour. However nothing happens during that time and just when they are set to continue suddenly they notice red eyes appearing around them in the forest line. They appear to be eyes of small creatures as they are no further from the ground than 30 – 60 centimeters.

Kai feels the small hand squeeze his and he turns his glance down to comfort the child. However what he sees is no longer the child they had escorted this past few hours. Instead Kai looks down into a set of glowing red eyes. The boys smiles slowly, the grin spreading like an oil-slick on a pond, contorting his face into a horrifying rictus that bares his teeth. You can’t call them teeth, as you stare at them, they are fangs, hundreds and hundreds of tightly packed, thin, and razor sharp fangs that fill that enormous grin that stretches from ear to ear.


Re-reading this in preparation of Session #8. The last paragraph still gives me chills and causes nervous laughter. My god that was an amazing moment of storytelling! Nice write-up Roel!

Session 5

Thanks! :) That was pretty epic. I hope we can have similar moments in sessions to come!!

Session 5

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