Dominion Twilight

Truth Revealed

Erech, Suneday, 25th of Maniyah, 8633 (day 7), around noon –

It doesn’t take long for the party to reconvene at The Dancing Sailor Tavern. They enter with trepidation and look around. They finally locate the assassin in his little hideout below the bar. He quickly locks himself in and starts talking through the door. It seems he wants to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the situation. Dave seems open to the idea, but Kai and Fayzo are less keen. Fayzo decides to kick the door in and deal with the assassin hands-on. This quickly turns out to be a bad idea though, as a katana is stabbed through the door, nearly nicking Fayzo. He falls backwards and slumps to the floor, lucky to be alive.

The assassin continues his negotiation, offering a way out of this that is satisfactory for all involved. He introduces himself as Namaan, an assassin hired by Councilman Cir Dourrae. After some back and forth he agrees to cancel his assassination of the remaining councilmembers and lay low for 24 hours while the party confers about what to do next.

As they leave The Dancing Sailor Tavern Fayzo returns 300gp of the tavern’s owner’s money to the register, as he confirmed with the assassin that the owner had kept his word.

The party returns to Turach and asks him to harbour the three senators that were still on the assassins hit-list. He agrees, and the senators are sent for, and asked to arrive in disguise back at Turach’s mansion.

After several hours the men arrive, and our heroes relay the entire story of what has transpired so far. The councilmen are furious, especially Arval. He thinks he knows exactly what is happening. Cir Dourrae’s term is almost up, and he wants to stay in power for longer. The councilmembers on the assassination list were the key figures that voted against an elongation of the term that the councilmembers sit. Furthermore, with the goings-on surrounding The Citadel, it appears Cir may have struck a deal with Orban to get solitary power over Erech and become a self-proclaimed king.

It is agreed that Cir should be arrested as soon as possible, and that the party should steer the assassin to kill Orban instead.

Erech, Selday, 26th of Maniyah, 8633 (day 8), 09:30 –

The following morning comes, and with it a welcome break in the lousy weather that has plagued the Darandis province for the last few days. Dave, Kai, and Fayzo are enjoying another luxurious breakfast at Turach’s mansion when their host arrives and tells them something is happening at the councilhouse-square. Our heroes rush over, and as they approach Cir Dourrae is starting a speech.

He strikes fear into the people of Erech. He announces that the council has agreed to allow a detachment of the regiment from The Citadel to enter the city to “safeguard” Erech. They will arrive in a few days’ time.

With Arval’s suspicions now all but confirmed, the party returns to Turach and agrees with the councilmen in hiding to blow the whistle on Cir now, before the regiment has gained access to the city. Dave is tasked to run and get the barman from The Dancing Sailor Tavern. The only living witness that can link Cir Dourrae and the assassin together.

With the barman retrieved, everyone starts walking towards the councilhouse in a large procession. Our party, including Leng, the three councillors, presumed dead, and the barman. Obviously drawing attention, a large group of people starts following to see what is going on. Once at the councilhouse, our party, the witness barman, and the councilmen go in, whilst the public is asked to wait outside for an important announcement.

Once inside, the head of the city guard is called for, and he is ordered to close all city gates and let no one in or out. Not even councilmembers. Furthermore, all councilmembers are sent for, to be brought to the councilhouse as soon as possible. All but Cir arrive in short notice. Once there, they are told of what Cir has done, and why Arval and the other targeted councilmen were forced to fake their own deaths. Once the barman has had his say, the remaining members of the council are swayed into believing that Cir had more than dishonourable intentions. They decide that the populace of Erech should be informed.

From the balcony of the councilhouse, the entire story is once more relayed, this time to the awaiting masses that grouped outside the councilhouse. Afterwards the council adjourns to deliberate. The party decides to return to Turach.

Once there, it becomes clear there is little left for them to do. Dave, Kai, and Fayzo each receive 5000gp for services rendered from Turach and the city. In turn, they are tasked with delivering a letter to King Malloy, leader of the land of Ergon. This letter asks for support for Erech and the entire Darandis province, which is believed to be under siege from Orban and his regiment shortly. The land of Ergon is eastwards of Erech, a fortnight of sailing away.

The rest if the day is spent buying supplies with their newly acquired riches, and generally preparing for the journey they are about to embark upon.

Erech, Tyrday, 27h of Maniyah, 8633 (day 9), 07:30 –

The next morning our group gathers at the port, where Turach has organized for the party to come aboard a small 8-crew trade-vessel christened Providence. This ship will voyage to the city of Mayfort, capital city of Ergon and hometown of King Malloy.
Upon boarding the vessel, Kai immediately recognises a statue and altar devoted to Gozreh, god of wind and waves. As a devout follower of Gozreh, Kai takes a moment to pray for a safe voyage and successful completion of their assigned task.

Over the next eleven days Providence sails steadily along the coast towards Mayfort. Meanwhile, our adventurers befriend the crew of the ship. The captain of the ship is named Alamran. Furthermore there’s Navigator half-orc Agar, Guards half-orc Sisima and dwarf Ukran, Cook half-elfLuthien, and the three Sailors human Ting, dwarf Narvi, and halfling Erhard. A friendly enough bunch, the crew seems close-knit yet business-like in their jobs. Fayzo takes an immediate shine to the other half-elf on board, Luthien the cook.

Various other events take place during their two weeks at sea:
Kai feels the urge to fish, but catches a Ring of the Grasping Grave instead. Some of the more superstitious crew on board claims this to be divine intervention, seeing as Kai has been praying to Gozreh every morning since leaving Erech.

Fayzo finally succeeds in learning Spider Climb, by carefully studying the Scroll of Spider Climb he acquired three weeks earlier.

Fazyo is also delighted to find the crew plays Pai-Sho, his favoured betting game. Not only does Fayzo win a respectable 10gp, but he also appears semi-successful in charming Luthien over the course of several games of Pai-Sho.

Mayfort, Selday, 10th of Zepha, 8633 (day 20), 07:30 –

After eleven days at sea, the party arrives in Mayfort. It is immediately clear that Mayfort is much larger than Erech. In their brief walk through the city the group notices an amphitheatre, but undoubtedly the most eye-catching feature of Mayfort is King Malloy’s castle; Towering 200 meters above the city, standing on a sharp cliff, the castle features two towers, one big, and one smaller. Upon arrival, our party is immediately taken to see the king. Entry to the throne room for an audience with the king requires the surrender of all weapons. Fayzo refuses to let go of his beloved glaive Evolon, and decides to stay outside. Dave successfully hides a slingshot in his baggy clothing, as a backup if things go south. Then Dave and Kai enter for a conversation with the king.

Kai hands the king the letter of introduction and the letter requesting help for Erech. After quick consideration the king appears helpful, honest and sincere. He confesses however, that he cannot send help to Erech at this time, as all his military power is currently tied up in matters of his state. There is an armed conflict in what the king refers to as the “non-enlightened” areas of Ergon.

The king is a big proponent of urbanization, even going so far as to instigate compulsory relocation of entire populations to pre-built towns and villages. Not the entire populace of Ergon is happy about this, or even recognizes King Malloy as their leader. They have taken up arms and are resisting the urbanization process.

King Malloy suggests the party rest up. He graciously grants them room and board in his castle. He lets the group know that he will call upon them in due time to grant them a quest to complete, and do their part in unifying, urbanizing, and enlightening Ergon. In return, he will pay and promise to send an armed attachment to Erech as soon as one is free for redeployment.

Our heroes:
Dave Dunker – Level 4 Half-Orc Barbarian.
Kai Kibbfrenn – Level 4 Gnome Druid.
Fayzo Thidius – Level 4 Half-Elf Wizard.


Excellent recap Onno. Don’t think you left anything big out at all. Thanks very much once more for doing this!.

Session 4

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